Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Brass Limited Edition (1898) Fountain Pen

Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Brass Limited Edition (1898) Fountain Pen


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The Conklin Pen CompanyⓇ promptly changed the writing industry forever when it patented in 1897 the self-filling pen known as the Crescent Filler™. Soon recognized and hailed by legendary author Mark Twain, ConklinⓇ thrived and Crescent Filler™ became one of the most beloved pens in American history. In honor of its continued success, the Conklin Pen CompanyⓇ is proud to announce the latest addition within the world renowned stellar collection: Mark Twain Crescent Filler™ Brass Limited Edition 1898, a remarkable writing instrument, enduring the aesthetic features of pure vintage. This historic pen still grasps the original design, carrying on its traditional functionality yet alluring with its metal resiliency. Don’t be mistaken, this whole pen isn’t just brass-colored, but it's 100% made of solid brass as well, even the front section and locking ring. Along its whole body, a refined golden hue makes this essential tool superior and ideal for a writer. When gyrating the barrel with a hint of light, you’ll reveal the consistency of its fine precision and craft. It’s no wonder that brass is a popular material that has been used for decorations and world artifacts because of its bright gold-like appearance; its status is known to be durable, while also being malleable. With a golden-bronze gradient finish, handling the instrument in your hand evokes an ageless emotion emitting creative energy, ready for any occasion. Hand-made and built magnificently, this limited edition fountain pen utilizes Roy Conklin’s ground-breaking patented crescent filling mechanism, a practice still working as efficiently today as it did over 100 years ago, filling the ink reservoir effortlessly, a true timeless routine. Each pen is engraved with Mark Twain’s distinctive signature and limited edition number exclusive for each pen along the band. The pen is equipped with the original ConklinⓇ spring loaded rocker clip patented in 1916, perfect for any pocket, jacket, or coat. The Crescent Filler™ Brass is a limited edition run of 1898 pieces and is available in a choice of premium JoWo black steel nib grades, choose from Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, or Omniflex. Each pen comes in a gift box with a custom-designed sleeve.

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Wonderful!!!! Your the only place I have found that carries Retro 51 pens and refills. Also, refills for my Visconti Pen. Your service is efficient and mail orders are prompt. Christmas we ordered gifts for my husband's co-workers and they Love them. Thank you for having a quality business.

Katherine L.

It's easy to buy from Amazon. It's satisfying as heck to buy from a small retailer you know cares about the products they sell. If you're searching for a fancy pen (refill, ink, etc.) online, you care about the products they sell too.

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