Visconti Homo Sapiens Skylight Bronze Age Fountain Pen
Visconti Homo Sapiens Skylight Bronze Age Fountain Pen
Visconti Homo Sapiens Skylight Bronze Age Fountain Pen

Visconti Homo Sapiens Skylight Bronze Age Fountain Pen


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The Homo Sapiens 'Skylight' offers all the benefits of the original Homo Sapiens Bronze Age:
  • Made from volcanic lava rock, the pen is virtually unbreakable, naturally hygroscopic and very comfortable to write with
  • All trims are made from natural solid bronze
  • The cap closes with Visconti's patented 'hook safe lock'
  • Features the soft, buttery smooth Visconti 18kt gold fountain pen nib in rose gold vermeil to match the color of the pen's trims
The Visconti design and engineering teams worked hard to add the following innovations:
Sky Light Windows
Two 'Skylight' viewing windows enable the user a view of the flowing ink within the interior of the pen:
  • A large window cut into the pens barrel offering a view of stored ink in the larger ink reservoir (trimmed in natural bronze)
  • A smaller window behind the pen's grip offering a view of stored ink in the pens second smaller ink reservoir
Double Reservoir Power Filler
The single reservoir power filler in the original Homo Sapiens Bronze Age is replaced with Visconti's patented double reservoir power filler. A vacuum filling system that is easy to use and has considerable benefits.
Patented in 1998, the double reservoir power filler is undoubtedly the most advanced filling system ever developed in fountain pen history. It allows the collector to fill a fountain pen with the equivalent of up to 10 cartridges of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, prevents ink from leaking during air travel.

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Wonderful!!!! Your the only place I have found that carries Retro 51 pens and refills. Also, refills for my Visconti Pen. Your service is efficient and mail orders are prompt. Christmas we ordered gifts for my husband's co-workers and they Love them. Thank you for having a quality business.

Katherine L.

It's easy to buy from Amazon. It's satisfying as heck to buy from a small retailer you know cares about the products they sell. If you're searching for a fancy pen (refill, ink, etc.) online, you care about the products they sell too.

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