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Visconti Rembrandt White Marble Ballpoint Pen

Visconti Rembrandt White Marble Ballpoint Pen


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Visconti, once again, finds design inspiration from fine art. The Rembrandt range uses a central design theme dating from the Renaissance period known as chiaroscuro; the playful contrast of light and dark. Chiaroscuro, as applied in this approach, creates a sense of volume and a three dimensional aspect to the instrument. Under light while admired in the hand, these playful contrasts are most profound. Hand selected variegated resins with varying veins of white make each pen unique to its owner. The central cast ring is finely engraved with motifs used by Rembrandt. Unique to the Rembrandt range is a magnetic locking closure which literally attracts the cap to the instrument's body. A newly restyled clip made from only two parts proudly displays the Visconti heritage. An engraved stainless steel nib is fitted to the fountain pen. Let your thoughts flow through a pen designed in Rembrandt's memory.