Retro 1951 Releases New Pens This Winter

Retro 1951 has come out with a new line-up of pens this winter with a large increase in the types of Fountain Pens offered.  Retro 1951 fountain pens now also come in different nib sizes - Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and 1.1MM.

Fountain Pens:

Retro 1951 has released 3 different colors of frosted metallic fountain pens: Aquamarine, Ultraviolet and Orchid.  Also, the very popular finishes of the P-51 Mustang, Lincoln copper and Stealth black rollerball pens have been released as fountain pens.

Other Pens:

The Dimitri Mechanical Pencil has now been released as a Rollerball pen and a rollerball/mechanical pencil set.  You can enjoy the Periodic table graphics on this fantastic pen.  Also, what other iconic world tower could be better on a pen than the Eiffel tower.  The acid etching on this pen really highlights the design of the Eiffel Tower.

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  • Mike mueller

    I think this the pen I bought in dec.19.Are you going to st. Louis this year.Pen

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