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      Parker pens was founded in 1888 in Janesville, Wisconsin.  Parker continues to produce luxury writing instruments in France.  In 1941, Parker produced the most ever used fountain pen - the Parker 51.  Pen Place is an AUTHORIZED DEALER of Parker pens.  Parker pens offers a 2 year Warranty.  If your pen needs repaired, contact information can be found here. Pen Place has an extensive inventory of Parker pens at the pen boutique in Kansas City, MO or on the online pen store.  CATEGORIES: Parker Duofold | Parker IM | Parker Ingenuity | Parker Jotter | Parker Premier | Parker Sonnet | Parker Urban | Parker Vector | Parker Bottled Ink | Parker Rollerball Refills | Parker Ballpoint Refills

      parker duofold

      Parker Duofold pens were launched in the 1920s during the Art Deco period and continue to celebrate the sleek and stylish form inherent to the time. Parker Duofold pens stand out as a symbol of excellence; fine pens made from high quality precious resin in beautiful finishes to complement every pen connoisseur. Parker Duofold pens are available as fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerball pens. A cultured, sophisticated fine pen that captures attention wherever used, a Parker Duofold provides elegant writing with timeless appeal.

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      parker sonnet

      A classic expression of refined style, Parker Sonnet pens are a symbol of elegance. Crafted with exceptional chiseled finishes, engraved patterns and available in an array of designs including the enduring Ciselé pattern, every intricate detail of the Sonnet pen is skillfully executed to bring sophistication to every writing occasion. Select from three distinct fine writing modes and embrace timeless elegance with a Sonnet pen designed with expert craftsmanship to provide exceptional function when you need.

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      parker 51

      Parker 51 pens retain all the hallmarks that made them one of Parker's most popular pens of the 20th century. Its streamlined silhouette and distinctive hooded nib are ever present and, with its cap off, the Parker 51 still resembles the sleek smooth curves of an airplane fuselage. Each finish has been carefully selected from a wide range of heritage colours and are complimented by a metal cap and jewel. Parker 51 pens benefit from Parker's reputation for superior craftsmanship, hand assembled and made from durable precious resin.

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      Parker Urban

      The inimitable curved pen design of Parker Urban pens takes Parker into dynamic new territory, while its range of brilliant pen finishes truly stand out as a one-of-a-kind fine writing instrument. Parker Urban fountain pens infuse tradition with dignified confidence for a modern pen that commands attention wherever used. Parker Urban ballpoint pens symbolize a passion for quality and written expression, designed to let meaningful thoughts flow whenever inspiration strikes. Make a bold statement with Parker Urban pens.

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      parker im

      Make powerful first impressions with the polished Parker IM pen. The timeless design of the Parker IM features a stainless steel nib, chrome or gold finish trims and an extensive selection of premium pen finishes. Choose the Parker IM fountain pen for an elevated fine writing experience. The Parker IM rollerball pen is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression. Use a Parker IM ballpoint pen for a refined approach to dependable fine writing. The Parker IM is replete with unlimited potential, begin building your legacy today.

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      Parker Jotter

      Seize each day with a Parker Jotter pen, developed with beautiful craftsmanship and sleek design to provide a remarkable fine writing experience. Select your Parker Jotter with a chrome or gold finish trim, stainless steel barrel and iconic arrow clip. Choose a Parker Jotter fountain pen for a distinguished approach to fine writing, a Parker Jotter gel pen for a refined, smooth writing experience or the Parker Jotter ballpoint XL pen to leave your spirited mark wherever the day takes you. Parker Jotter pens showcase culture and a true appreciation for the art of pen making.

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