Visconti Pens and the lost Art of Calligraphy

The Fine Art of Visconti Pens

Artists, authors, and businessman alike have been finding great joy in the newest creative trend that has been forgotten for quite some time: Calligraphy. This is the art of producing elegant, stylized, and artistic lettering. On the cutting edge of this writing revival you will find Visconti Pens making their mark… Literally.

From the genius minds of two pen collectors in 1980′s comes a company that is committed to professional excellence, beautiful design, and practical function for the world’s most useful and beloved office supply. Visconti Pens is the traditional way to appreciate the long forgotten art of writing. For yourself and your business, or as a gift to a dear friend or family member, they provide quality that has been passing the test for the years since its founding. With the beautiful, artistic, and always fashionable looks, a Visconti pen is more than just a writing utensil. The colorful and dedicated soul of the company is in every thing that you will ever write.

Colors, styles, and designs abound when it comes to Visconti pens with materials like celluloid, ivory, ebonite, acrylic, bakelite, and lucite. Although some of these materials haven’t been used for pen making for quite some time before these imaginative pen enthusiasts, they provide a look and feel that simply cannot be compared. The craftsmanship thought to be lost is found in this company’s instruments. Sometimes the greatest materials and techniques are not the easiest. However, what is easy is not always what makes a great pen.

Innovative ink pot and pen case designs give you the opportunity to protect the investment of the pen and use it often. That’s just one more way they provide the class of a traditional pen with the convenience of modern and functional design. Technical advancements are always at the heart of Visconti’s pens.

If you partake in fancy calligraphy, they offer the finest fountain pens in many varieties. For the every day writer and document signer, they offer many styles of ball point and roller ball pens. No matter what your need when you write, draw, sign, or scribble, a Visconti pen is sure to make your experience creative and rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a sturdy pen the reflects your own personality.

With the shopping season behind us and Valentines Day coming up, do not let the chance to impress a loved one with a beautiful and limited edition Visconti Pen. For an employee or coworker, a classy pen is always a practical and thoughtful gift. Your family, no matter how much writing they do, will surly appreciate the artistic touch of every Visconti pen. The styles of pen are endless. With so many colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find an art work that suits every single one of your loved ones.

From their humble beginning in the heart of Italy, this passion for pens has become a world wide sensation. All over the world, these pens make their mark in the lives of ambitious and creative writers and artists.

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