Visconti's Homo Sapiens Demonstrator Collection, the Chiantishire.

The Chiantishire is a homage to the Tuscan hills, where the famous Chianti wine is produced. The cap is made from a solid block of specially made resin made to fit the high quality standards of Visconti, both in strength and color. The heart of this collection is seen in the body. Visconti uses a patented material: a mixture of celluloid and polycarbonate mixed in a secret formula. This material is injected into the transparent body, adding red and gold swirls, unique to each individual pen that give the user the sensation of having a real glass of Chianti in their hands.
The Chiantishire collection is "millesimè" like the most important wines and is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.
Limited to 888 pieces worldwide
Fountain Nib:
23Kt. 950 Palladium Single Tone
(F - M - B)
Filling System: Double Reservoir Power Filler
Transparent Acryloid
925 Sterling Silver
Lock System:
Hook Safe Lock

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