What is the Most Fashionable Functional Pen, The Famous Cross Pens

The Fashionable Functional Cross Pens at Pen Place

In the professional business world, a business professional needs to have up to par office equipment to perform at peak proficiency. Then you have professional people with style that are not only looking for high performance equipment but also equipment that has style. You also have people that just simply want the best performance in their office supplies even if it is for home or if it is for the classroom, where ever it may be, they want high performance with a touch of style and that is what Cross pens will achieve for you.

Like the title states, Cross pens are high-end pens that have many sleek elegant designs to fit any person’s tastes. They come in gold metal, which comes in 10 karat, 14 karat and 18 karat gold. The silver metal designs are made of chrome, platinum and sterling silver for that classic high-end professional business look to an art-decorated design called the Masquerade that comes in peacock green, cardinal red and raven black. With so many designs to choose from there is always more than one option for any type of situation. A perfect example is the masquerade pens fitting beautifully in an art gallery. For more information on Cross Pens, visit www.penplace.com for all available pen models.

The cross pen when it comes to functionality has no problems when performing for various types of work. Cross-pens come in six different writing types. The most well known is the ball point, followed by roller ball, fountain pen, pencil, set and multi-functioning. Any situation you have and a Cross-pen will be there to fulfill your workload.

One of the major factors in buying a pen for moderate to serious work is comfortably being able to write. The girth of a pen is very important in this matter and Cross does not disappoint. The pens have three girth sizes to insure you have the most comfortable pen in your hands. The sizes come in Narrow, medium, and wide.

Another aspect of comfort is the weight. Not all people are equal in strength even when it comes to hands. Cross produces their pens in three different weights that are light, medium and heavy. The combination of customizing both girth and weight make the ability to have a pen customized perfectly for your hand, which makes for a long comfortable marriage between you and your pen. Not only where the pens designed to have an amazing look but also be highly functional. The pens where also designed to be refillable. Not only can the pens be refilled, they also come with special ink that allows the person to write flawlessly with out interruption. In the end you have a product that will give you maximum performance for a long period of time and no matter what you purchase, wither it be a car or a pen, performance and longevity is what you want. Cross pens will always be a top performer in the pen industry and if you have a cross pen for a class or a business, you will get the same high performance.

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