Cross Tech 3,4 and Pro

      15 products

      15 products

      The ultimate in multi-tasking

      Meet the incredible all-in-one switch hitter

      An effortless twist transforms this finely-crafted black ballpoint pen, to a red editing pen, to a pencil, and back again. On the other end is a precision stylus to improve accuracy and ease when you interact with your favorite mobile device. However you choose to work and create, Tech3+ delivers on versatility, convenience, and style.
      • Classic design with three writing tips inside: a black ballpoint, red ballpoint and pencil
      • Continuous twist technology for easy tip selection
      • Wide 8MM stylus that also unscrews to reveal an eraser
      • Compatibility with most capacitive touchscreen devices
      • Lifetime mechanical guarantee
      • Premium Gift Box

      Cross pens offers a lifetime Warranty.  If your pen needs repaired, contact information can be found here. Pen Place has an extensive inventory of Cross pens at the pen boutique in Kansas City, MO or on the online pen store.