Noodler's Ink Ahab Flex

      45 products

      45 products

      The pen is inspired by Herman Melville's classic novel Moby-Dick, the Ahab is Noodler's large-size flex fountain pen. It includes a flexible steel nib, handmade ebonite feed, and a piston filling system that can be removed allowing you to fill the entire barrel with ink.

      These pens are made for fountain pen enthusiasts.  You can adjust the nib and feed until it works for you.  To enjoy the best experience possible, the following is recommended: 

      • Clean the pen before using it for the first time.
      • Use light pressure to spread the tines of the nib and create line variation.
      • Write slower when flexing the pen so the ink flow will keep up with your writing.
      • If the ink stops flowing, let it sit for a minute to recharge the ink. You can also tap the nib on a piece of scratch paper or using the piston mechanism to force more ink out.
      • To adjust the wetness of the ink flow, you can adjust how far the nib and feed are inserted into the grip section. The deeper the feed is inserted and the further back the nib is seated, the wetter the pen will write.

      This pen is made of eco-friendly celluloid-derived vegetal resin. It does have a smell that generally fades with time but is always with the pen. Sunlight can make the smell fade faster.