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      Styled to surprise your senses. Designed to accessorize your imagination. Crafted to tickle your creativity. Because when writing is a pleasure, wonderful things happen.

      Pen Place is an AUTHORIZED DEALER of Waterman pens.  Waterman pens offers a 3 year Warranty.  If your pen needs repaired, contact information can be found here. Pen Place has an extensive inventory of Waterman pens at the pen boutique in Kansas City, MO or on the online pen store.

      Waterman Allure

      Waterman Allure pens are a luxurious introduction to the world of Waterman. The modern design is suitable for every occasion, with a selection of fashionable finishes to match every signature style. Allure fountain pens feature a nib with an engraved looped W for sophisticated fine writing. Allure rollerball pens illustrate confidence whenever you need. For spontaneous expression, Allure ballpoint pens provide a reliable, long lasting fine writing experience. Waterman Allure pens are brilliantly crafted for individuals with elevated preference.

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      Waterman Carene

      An artist’s attention to detail coupled with luxurious design unite to create the Waterman Carène pen. The sleek, rounded and curved shape of this fine pen form an elegant, sophisticated silhouette. Select a Carène fountain pen to truly stand out during memorable moments, a Carène rollerball pen for elegant, lasting impressions or a Carène ballpoint pen to impart superior taste in fine pens with everyday use. Waterman Carène pens are hand assembled in France to provide an elevated fine writing experience.

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      Waterman Embleme

      Striking, professional and effortlessly stylish, the Waterman Emblème pen is a hallmark of success. Taking subtle cues from Parisian architecture, Emblème is both a symbol of fine culture and taste. The Emblème fountain pen reflects sophistication and timeless appeal. An Emblème rollerball pen defines professionalism and success in the board room and whenever needed. The Emblème ballpoint pen effuses fine taste in daily expression. Our latest collection, Waterman Emblème pens, offers a refined and fashionable approach to fine writing.

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      Waterman Exception

      Distinctive and refined, Exception encapsulates prestige and fine taste. Tailor this luxury pen to your signature style with a collection that includes selections for every connoisseur. Exception fountain pens convey class with exemplary craftsmanship and detailing. An Exception rollerball pen provides effortless yet elegant writing wherever used, while the Exception ballpoint pen is both reliable and impressive. Write with confidence using Waterman’s Exception, a truly unique and admirable addition to your fine pen collection.

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      waterman expert

      Waterman Expert pens feature timeless design, a unique tapered silhouette, and finely crafted lacquers. The Expert is available in three signature modes for impactful writing and impeccable style. Choose an Expert fountain pen to reflect a position of ambition and success. The Expert rollerball pen combines features of the fountain pen and ballpoint pen to establish a modern approach to fine writing. An Expert ballpoint pen is reliable, long lasting and resonates whenever used. Make a lasting impression with a Waterman Expert pen.

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      waterman hemisphere

      The Waterman Hémisphère pen is a refined luxury writing instrument and an elegant fashion accessory. Available in many luxurious finishes, Waterman Hémisphère pens accentuate fine taste and elevated style. The Hémisphère fountain pen offers Parisian sophistication at your fingertips. A Hémisphère rollerball pen effuses elegance whenever used. When inspiration strikes, a Hémisphère ballpoint pen provides long lasting, reliable use. Sketch, write or draw with ease using a Hémisphère mechanical pencil, an impressive creative tool.

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