Pelikan - This brand stands for reliable writing instruments with a wide product range. We are conscious of tradition and resort to decades of experience, because, whether it is a fountain pen, a rollerball pen or a ballpoint pen, one writing instrument is not like the other.
Pen Place is an AUTHORIZED DEALER of Pelikan pens.  Pen Place has an extensive inventory of Pelikan pens at the pen boutique in Kansas City, MO or on the online pen store.  CATEGORIES: Pelikan Classic | Pelikan Ductus | Pelikan Pelikano Jr | Pelikan Porsche Design | Pelikan Souveran 400 | Pelikan Souveran 405  | Pelikan Souveran 600 | Pelikan Souveran 605 | Pelikan Souveran 800 | Pelikan Souveran 805 | Pelikan Souveran 1000 | Pelikan Stola | Pelikan Toledo | Pelikan Pen Refills