Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Kaweco Supra Stainless Steel Fountain Pen


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The Kaweco SUPRA is the more glamorous and larger version of the Liliput and a quick-change artist. Different ways of screwing, such as with spacer and without adapter, the weight and length of the fountain pen can be individually adapted to each hand. The minimalist design is reminiscent of Bauhaus and Braun. The big feather gives it drama and a unique typing feel. The well-known Eco Brass (brass of the Wieland Werke Ulm) is without lead. As usual with brass, it will start during use and gets its own patina. Due to the high weight of the model, the writing instrument already presses the paper by itself. This facilitates longer writing. You can choose from five spring strengths.

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Wonderful!!!! Your the only place I have found that carries Retro 51 pens and refills. Also, refills for my Visconti Pen. Your service is efficient and mail orders are prompt. Christmas we ordered gifts for my husband's co-workers and they Love them. Thank you for having a quality business.

Katherine L.

It's easy to buy from Amazon. It's satisfying as heck to buy from a small retailer you know cares about the products they sell. If you're searching for a fancy pen (refill, ink, etc.) online, you care about the products they sell too.

Autumn B.