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Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain Pen


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There are only a few writing instruments which have been successful in the market for decades without big changes. One of them is of course the Kaweco Sport. It follows the design of the year 1935. A friendship for generations. The Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain pen is made from solid steel, which is left untreated and uncoated, it weighs in at 46g which is more than most other fountain pens currently available. The untreated finish means this fountain pen will - like the Al-Sport Stone Washed that came before it - wear over time and develop a unique patina depending on use and storage conditions. The finish can either be left to develop or can be restored using brass polish and a liberal application of elbow grease. Striking at the Kaweco Steel Sport Fountain pen is that it is very small. The pen has a lenght of only 10.5 cm and therefore easy to store in a bag or pocket, but with the cap on the back of the pen it measures 13.5 cm and it is excellent to write with. The fountain pen has a steel nib made by the German company Bock Heidelberg and fills by cartridge or converter.