Taccia Covenant SE Parchment Swirl 14kt Gold Nib Fountain Pen

Taccia Covenant SE Parchment Swirl 14kt Gold Nib Fountain Pen


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With the original TACCIA Covenant™, we set out to protect your words. With its sheathed body, we embodied a timeless concept into an elegant writing instrument. The new TACCIA Covenant SE™ builds on the original concept with a few key enhancements. The body has been streamlined and internally re-structured, allowing for more comfort and wear. Our cap system has been strengthened with a new inner sheath that provides a secure, airtight seal. And our nib system has been upgraded, allowing for more writing stroke options. All of this builds on the popular foundation of the original TACCIA Covenant™ - a writing instrument both sensible and sturdy, made with sleek lines and hand-turned resin. The Covenant SE is only available in a fountain pen style, with Japanese stainless-steel nibs in five points (EF, F, M, B and MS). A 14-karat gold
Japanese nib upgrade is available in six point sizes (EF, F, MF, M, B and MS).

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Wonderful!!!! Your the only place I have found that carries Retro 51 pens and refills. Also, refills for my Visconti Pen. Your service is efficient and mail orders are prompt. Christmas we ordered gifts for my husband's co-workers and they Love them. Thank you for having a quality business.

Katherine L.

It's easy to buy from Amazon. It's satisfying as heck to buy from a small retailer you know cares about the products they sell. If you're searching for a fancy pen (refill, ink, etc.) online, you care about the products they sell too.

Autumn B.